Top 5 reasons why you should visit Moscow

Moscow is Russia’s largest historical, administrative, and cultural city. It’s a big, cool, fast, and lively city full of life. Whether you’re a historian or a just a visitor like the team from looking for fun place for your annual vacation, Moscow is a great place worth checking out. 

Besides, it has a wide range of breathtaking entertainment and tourist spots. There’s so much more to see in Moscow that you can’t explore it all within a few days. Anyway, let’s get to it. Below are 5 compelling reasons why you should visit Moscow for your next vacation! 

  • Amazing Architecture 

If you’re a history enthusiast, you’ll love Moscow’s enormous streets full of historical, modern, and world-class designs. Furthermore, Moscow is famous for its beautiful and impressive art scene. 

You can explore various historical museums, modern art, galleries, and photography centers for the best views of Russian art. Furthermore, there are numerous art collections along workshop halls and art shops. 

  • Enjoy Nature and parks 

Moscow also hosts an abundance of various parks, small squares, and orangeries with beautiful & green plants and trees. The parks offer some of the best relaxing and people-watching spots, among other activities. 

The park of Arts Museum hosts numerous events such as art fairs, music festivals, and exhibits. Gorky Park, on the other hand, features its own clinic and telegraph. For bike rentals and amusement parks, visit the Sokolniki Park and Izmailovsky Park. 

  • Take a Moscow River Cruise 

Another great reason to visit Moscow is a great cruising experience. The good news is that the prices are favorable. There’s are both pocket-friendly and high-end packages depending on the size and standard of the boat. Bigger boats also offer mouth-watering lunch and dinner packages. 

There are 2 main boarding spots – hotel Ukraine and Park Kultury. You can buy the tickets online or buy from street hawkers though they can be expensive. 

  • The Food 

Moscow is known for its mouth-watering Russian delicacies. You’ll get a taste of a variety of food, flavors, and eating scenes all across the city. Make sure you taste the best of the Russian hearty dishes and snacks such as pelmeni, caviar, pancakes with different fillings, RotFront, Kozinaki, and Chak-Chak Stick, among other popular dishes. 

Make sure you visit Yar, it’s one of Russia’s oldest restaurant that has been serving local cuisines for almost a century. Praga (150 years) is another great restaurant to enjoy delicious European and Russian dishes. Cafe Pushkin is a three-piece restaurant and opens 24/7. The food prices are quite affordable. 

  • Interesting nightlife 

If you’re looking to party, you should know that Moscow never sleeps! Moscow is a great destination full of endless fun and nightlife. There are numerous local bars, clubs, and dance halls where you can sneak in at night. 

Final Verdict 

Moscow has a lot to offer as far as tourism is concerned. Furthermore, the locals are very friendly. While you may have had a few risk issues regarding Russia, you should note that Moscow is generally safe to travel. Furthermore, Moscow is quite affordable from accommodation to transport to food.

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European Destinations that are Amazing

Destinations To Visit When You Go To Europe

Europe is an amazing destination rich in history, culture, and exciting tourist attraction sites. If you visit countries under the European Union, you get a powerful visa around the continent. When you are in Europe, only time and money will stop you from catching up with all awesomeness that this continent has to offer.

Unfortunately, there are so many destinations that you can visit in Europe. Even if you want, you can’t exhaust all of them. You will need a long time or live in Europe permanently.

However, there are top places that you shouldn’t skip on your tour to Europe. Thanks to their amazing features that people can’t get enough of.

This article shares with you top amazing destinations to visit when you go to Europe.

  • Paris, France

Paris is the first place to think of when you step into Europe. Thanks to the amazing features that are in this city. Right from a distance, you should take pictures of the Eiffel Tower. Standing at 1063 feet, it’s now the symbol of Paris. Most people across the world travel to come to the tower.

Apart from the tower, you will love fashion shopping in Paris. All popular fashion designers have their headquarters in what’s now known as the headquarter of fashion.

The list of things to enjoy in Paris is long. It would require an entire magazine to highlight all the goodness packed in this single city.

  • Florence, Tuscan Italy

If you love art and architecture, then there is no other place you would rather be when you visit Europe. Florence is a nostalgic city with a history dating many decades ago. And the most amazing thing is that some structures and features have lasted for hundreds of years.

The first thing that you will love about Florence is their passion for art. This is the only place where you will find the great works of Michelangelo. The David carving is right in the city.

And as if that wasn’t enough, you will get works of Leonardo De Vinci. Monalisa, the world’s most expensive, oldest, and highly guarded portrait, is right in this city, and you can see it in the capital Museum.

When it comes to architecture, you will find buildings as old as the Medici family. Specifically, Basilica di San Lorenzo is the oldest standing church in Florence. It was constructed over 500 years ago.

  • London, United Kingdom

It will be a shame to set foot in Europe and not enjoy the rich culture that London offers. Right from the city, you will love everything about this part of Europe. If you love architectural designs, be ready to be thrilled by amazing old buildings. They have lasted for ages.

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Europe is an amazing place to visit. But when you visit Paris, Florence and London should be at the top of your list. This is because these are great destinations that will offer a magical stay in Europe.…

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Top Amazing Cities To Travel To Around The World

Top Amazing Cities To Travel To Around The World

When you think about travelling, cities can be a great way to connect with human development. Cities bring a creativity and working vibe that just any other place can’t inspire. This is why cities are among the most amazing travel destinations you can ever visit.

Luckily, this article shares with you the top amazing cities to visit around the world.

  • New York City

In the list of the world’s top cities, nothing else can come into the top other than the Capital City of the United States of America. It can be said to be the world’s capital city because it’s right in the superpower country.

But when it comes to New York city, you will get a rare opportunity to live the kind of life you admire in movies. When you walk around the city streets, you will see familiar places from some of the popular movies you have watched repeatedly.

And one of the main spots is Wall Street. You can’t be in New York city and miss the street where world economic decisions are made. It’s by far the most powerful street in the world because what happens in Wallstreet affects the entire world.

The list of amazing and fun activities to do in New York City can go on and on. You need to plan, visit, and enjoy for yourself.

  • Dubai

If you love class and luxury, then Dubai should be your next destination. There is no other place to visit from shopping experiences, desert safaris, and exotic life than this city in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Mall, one of the largest malls in the world, offers a great shopping experience. The mall combines shopping experiences from all over the world. When you get into the mall is like entering into the world’s market.

So, when you visit the Arab Emirates, remember to pick up some items in Dubai Mall.

It’s only the streets of Dubai where you will meet all manner of exotic cars. Yes, when you are there, don’t be surprised to see a police officer following you with a Ferrari. It’s the city of toys. And the best thing you can do when you visit the city is to rent one of the toys and enjoy the ride in Dubai’s spectacular streets.

  • London

The English and capital city of England is a must-visit. Whether you love a good life or great culture. You will love this part of the world.

It will be a shame to set foot in Europe and not enjoy the rich culture that London offers. Right from the city, you will love everything about this part of Europe. If you love architectural designs, be ready to be thrilled by amazing old buildings. They have lasted for ages.

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When you think about cities for your vacation, start with Dubai, London, and climax the fun with New York. These three cities will offer an experience you can’t get elsewhere.…

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Amazing Destinations To Travel For Your Honeymoon

Amazing Destinations To Travel For Your Honeymoon

After tying the knot with your loved ones, the next thing in your mind should be to get away on vacation and begin a new life. A honeymoon is a one-time event—if you don’t want to re-marry. And even if you re-marry, you will still have one opportunity to enjoy the honeymoon with your loved one. You won’t have a second chance.

This is the reason for choosing a honeymoon destination is such an important decision to make. To enjoy and remember your honeymoon for the rest of your life, then you need to get a perfect destination that will excite both of you.

Sometimes with so many travel options, it’s difficult to tell which is the best place to visit your honeymoon. But no matter what, at all times, find a destination that’s comfortable with both of you.

This article shares with you the top travel destination that you should consider for your honeymoon.

  • Hawaii

This is the top amazing travel destinations for most lovers. Thanks to it’s a romantic culture that has grown over time. Hawaii is an island in the United States of America that has won the heart of many people who visit.

The Island is full of romantic gateways and activities. When you land your foot on the island, you will experience the best moments of your life. People in this part of the world truly appreciate the efforts that people make to visit this part of the world.

From the friendly local, luxurious hotels and lodges to crystal clear beaches, you will love every experience and everything you will find in this part of the world. There is no other better place to start life than Hawaii.

  • Maasai Mara National Park

If you love nature and woods, then there is no other place to be on your honeymoon other than Maasai Mara National park. This is a national park in East Africa with lots of fun activities to engage with during your stay.

When you visit Maasai Mara National Park during the month of September to October, you will get a rare opportunity to see one of the world seven wonders, wilderbeast migration.

You can also choose to take game drives, fly with a hot hair balloon over the national park or just relax in one of the luxurious lodges and resorts all over and around the park.

This is a great destination popular with prominent people. Richard Brandon, for instance, has invested in one of the most luxurious hotels you will ever see.

  • Dubai

If you love a touch of class, luxury, deserts, then there is no other place to go for your honeymoon other than Dubai. It’s a gem hidden in the United Arab Emirates. And when you visit, you will love the experience and fun you will have with your lover as you begin your married life.

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When it comes to travelling for a honeymoon, the first thing should be to get a place where both of you will enjoy.…

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