Asian holidays have grown in popularity over the years with so many exotic locations to choose from. Bali is one of Thailand’s most popular destinations, known for its beautiful beaches, amazing temples and the famous floating market. For many tourists, Asia has been a popular choice for honeymoons, weddings and even for backpacking holidays! In recent years, Bali has become increasingly popular as a romantic destination too, so what is it about this part of Asia that makes it so popular?

Asian holiday destinations

First of all, Bali offers a wide variety of things to do on a holiday. Bali has beautiful beaches, fantastic diving, sailing, trekking and beach volleyball. As well as this, you can do almost anything else you fancy on the beach! So as long as you enjoy water sports you will be able to come away feeling relaxed and happy on your Asian holiday break! So gone are the days when Bali was just a beach resort and now it has grown into a busy and developed tourist destination.

Asia has plenty of very popular holiday destinations. The most popular of course are China, India, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea. However, as you will probably have noticed, Asia is becoming a bigger area! So countries like Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and Burma are becoming increasingly popular too. As more Asian countries open up their markets to foreign tourists, you can find more exotic locations being added to the mix, leaving you spoiled for choice on holiday destinations.

Asia has many islands too. This makes it a great place to go on an Asian holiday break. With many islands to choose from, there is bound to be one suitable for you and your family. You could try island hopping in Asia or even trying out the smaller beaches found there. Either way you will never get bored as there are so many interesting islands to choose from.

The beaches are always popular in Asia. Some of the best beaches to visit in Asia are in Indonesia and Malaysia. With a large number of beaches to choose from and beautiful tropical weather year round, Indonesia is perfect for spending a relaxing beach holiday. Indonesia has the largest number of islands and is therefore very popular with visitors wanting to visit a variety of beaches and have a beach holiday.

In Indonesia you can visit the island of Bali, which is well known for its beautiful beaches and churches. There are also some more remote parts of Bali which are less popular but no less amazing. Once in Bali you will want to stay there for a few days and soak up all the culture. Although Bali is famous for its beaches, it does not mean that you have to visit them. There are some other things to see and do while in Bali.

In India and Sri Lanka there are two popular beach destinations. These are the beaches of Tamil Nadu in India and Colombo in Sri Lanka. Both of these islands have a variety of resorts and hotels available to cater to tourists looking for the best Asian holiday experience. Not only are these islands beautiful, they have all the facilities you could ever need including swimming pools, beach bars, spas and delicious restaurants.

Asian holiday destinations are some of the most popular places to go when looking for the perfect beach holiday. No matter where you want to go on your holiday you will be able to find the perfect beach for you. Whether you want to relax by the pool or hit the beach you will be able to find the Asian holiday location that suits you. So if you are looking for the perfect beach vacation you should consider choosing an Asian country such as India or Sri Lanka.