Top Townsville Holiday Destinations

Townsville Holiday Destinations

Townsville Holiday Destinations includes an area that is rapidly becoming popular with holiday makers returning to Australia in the summer months. The area is known as Surfers Paradise because of the surfing beaches. There are several attractions in the area, including the popular Magnetic Island, which is on the south east coast of Queensland. Magnetic Island’s white sand beach is popular with families staying on holiday in the area. There are several holiday parks around the area that offer activities for children as well as adults. Beaches and the Great Barrier Reef are a major part of the attractions in Townsville, so be sure to brush up on your water saftey and even get some swimming lessons in Townsville, just to make sure your trip is safe and enjoyable.

Townsville is also a coastal town in northeast Queensland, Australia. The Strand estuary, with its historical pier and water play, is very popular. The Reef HQ Aquarium provides marine life and an aquarium museum with a large collection of aquatic creatures from around the world. Southeast of town, the Billabong Sanctuary is home to kangaroos, koala bears and other exotic wildlife. Offshore, Magnetic Island offers a world-class coral reef and marine park filled with sea turtles, sting rays and starfish.

When you visit the town of Townsville, you will find a great number of local attractions and activities. There are plenty of family-friendly activities to enjoy when you are here. The Great Barrier Reef is an attraction not to be missed. If you have never been to the reef, you should make a trip, even if you only have an afternoon to spare.

The Magnetic Island White Sand beach is not only a relaxing place to swim but is also a favorite among locals and visitors. You can bring your children or pick up a few sand boxes and spend some time here alone or with friends. Children love this attraction because they can touch and feel the rocks while it is happening. You can also watch sharks and dolphins come by to feed. This attraction is best seen in the mornings when the sand is still warm. The Coralife World is another great place to visit and experience the sight and sounds of a real underwater environment.

If you prefer to see the land instead of the sea during your holiday, you can visit Cairns and do some land based activities such as fishing, sightseeing, and golfing. Cairns is located on the Great Ocean Road and can be reached by car, bus or train. See the incredible and vibrant colours of the coral reefs or take a walk on the rainforest floors and experience the Australian wildlife for yourself. You can see humpback whales and dolphins at night or you can just sit in the sandy beach and watch the amazing sunsets. The town of Cairns is also known for its food and seafood, so plan your meals around some of this local produce.

If you are a great history buff, you will love this part of town. This is the perfect chance to see the history of the area as you stroll through the cobbled streets. You will see that this area has been home to many different cultures over the years and you can learn about them through the museum and historical walks that are held here on occasion. There are great places to eat in this historic area and you can visit the historical spots year round.

Townsville’s northern coast has lots of beautiful beaches and there is no shortage of things to do on the beaches. You can relax on the beaches or go water skiing or parasailing if you like. Go surfing in the summer months when you can hire a surfboard and spend the day out on the water. A lovely family place is the Seaside Hotel, which offers swimming pool, tennis court and several other kid-friendly amenities.

The Arts District is located downtown and is perfect for shopping. You can buy art and antique shops or enjoy night tours of local art galleries. The district is also host to numerous festivals of all types of interest. When you are visiting any of these wonderful, Townville holiday destinations, remember to bring your camera.