European holiday destinations

Top 5 European Holiday Destinations

When we talk about European holiday destinations, it can mean a lot of different things to different people. For some people the idea of a relaxing and luxurious beach holiday is enough to keep them in the holiday spirits for days on end. In other words a holiday destination with an average food budget per day may be just as appealing! And then there are those that have an interest in historical sites, beaches and cultures. So it’s easy to see why people go to so many places. The list of European holiday destinations is as long as the countries themselves, which each have their own unique features to offer.

For your information and convenience I have prepared a short guide to help you find the best European holiday destinations this summer. My first recommendation would be to visit Portugal. Portugal has everything a couple looking for an adventurous holiday should look for; sandy beaches, warm weather, beautiful countryside, fantastic restaurants and fabulous bars. If you’re looking for a real get away from it all then Portugal is perfect.

My second suggestion for great European holiday destinations is Spain, my personal favourite European country! Spain is another place with lots of attractions and wonderful beaches to enjoy, especially if you like a more quiet atmosphere. Another country worth considering would be Italy, another country with its rich history and romantic atmosphere to boast of. The country itself also offers plenty of things to do and see, from wine to art to culture. You can book into any of the many amazing tourist destinations that Spain offers such as the capital Rome, or try something a little more out of the way such as Tuscany, the region that gave rise to Michelangelo. Italy is one of my favourite European countries because they always have something happening, whether it’s a festival or a nice weekend in Tuscany.

My third suggestion for top 5 European holiday destinations would be France and it’s beautiful country side. Paris is certainly one city that will give you many memorable experiences, with its unique architecture and chic areas of the city. My second favourite would be Cannes, the famous French film festival, I love to go there during the summer and it has become even more of a popular destination with couples going there for the big night out. Some people choose to book into a cheap accommodation in order to save money on food and drink when visiting these great French cities, I find that booking into a more expensive bed and breakfast will provide you with a better choice of accommodation and the chance to experience Paris and Cannes more. The other popular and rising European destinations are Ireland and Italy, these places have been steadily growing in popularity and offer fantastic tourist experiences.

My fourth and final European holiday destinations would be Italy and Paris. Italy is one of those countries you either love or hate, depending on what you get involved in. Its beautiful landscapes and historic cities are some of the most amazing in Europe. It’s full of beautiful landscapes, friendly people, great food and wine. It’s also home to some fabulous art galleries and museums.

Paris is my favourite of the French destinations, it’s really important for me to see this beautiful country. It’s a really exciting place to visit and if you’re looking for a good cheap bed and breakfast then Paris is the place you need to be staying. One of the best ways to get cheap accommodation in Paris is to book online, there are plenty of accommodation websites offering discounts and deals on your stay if you book online. Many hotels offer special discounts if you are staying in a certain number of rooms, you can also get discounts on eating out at restaurants and using certain services. My recommended way to see Paris would be to book online and to make your accommodation purchase a few months in advance to take advantage of huge savings.