Asia is the largest and most densely populated continent, found primarily in the Northern and Western Hemispheres with a large section of its land mass in the eastern part of the Indian Ocean. It shares the landmass with both Africa and Europe. The heart of Asia is mostly populated by China (forming the largest country of the world) with India forming the second largest. Afghanistan, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, the reclusive state of Alaska, and North Korea are the other nations making up a relatively small portion of the Asia. There are places to visit all around the globe that are popular with tourists looking for adventure and excitement.

Asian holiday destinations

There are all-inclusive holidays to all Asia including, but not limited to, Indonesia, Bhutan, Myanmar, the Maldives, Mongolia, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Philippines. These all-inclusive holidays are best for people who don’t necessarily want to spend that much time on their vacations. In these countries you can enjoy pristine beaches, surfing and scuba diving, nightlife, eating out, shopping, and sightseeing. They usually have packages that include accommodation, meals, tours, and activities. Other than the all-inclusive package, some Asian holiday destinations also offer budget accommodations that provide good value for money.

Indonesia is an archipelago of islands in South-east Asia and is a popular family holiday destination. Bali is one of the most popular Asian holiday destinations in South-east Asia and has great attractions for families. Most famous for the scenic beauty of the Bali landscape, Bali offers a variety of activities for all the family including diving, surfing, horseback riding, golfing and pampering at spas. There are many Bali villa holiday packages available and these are popular because of their reasonable price and spaciousness. You can even choose to rent a self catering holiday home or apartments in Kuta, Seminyak or Sanur and make use of the facilities provided by the Kuta hotels.

Malaysia is another popular Asian holiday destinations in Southeast Asia. This country has a variety of attractions for tourists such as wildlife safaris, museums, temples, heritage buildings, and beaches. There are plenty of holiday packages available from hotels to bed and breakfast accommodation and include activities such as diving, surfing, snorkeling, golfing and horse riding. Malaysia is also popular for its cuisine, which is made from rice and spices imported from India and spices from the Andaman Islands. A variety of cuisines is available including Balinese, Chinese, Indian, Malay, regional and Indonesian cuisines.

Vietnam is one of the popular Asian holiday destinations in Southeast Asia and has lots to offer to visitors interested in history and art. One of the most visited places here is Hanoi, the capital city and the largest city in Vietnam. There are many Ho Chi Minh City attractions and there is an amazing array of Vietnamese places of interest. You can visit the ancient pagodas, the floating village of Nha Trang and the beautiful floating village of Ly Ha. The Ho Chi Minh City Museum is a great attraction as this museum houses some of the finest examples of Vietnamese art and culture. There are a Vietnam cultural center in the city as well as the Vietnam Historical Museum and the Vietnamese American Museum.

Myanmar is another popular Asian holiday spots and is one of the best places to visit if you are looking for a family holiday. If you are visiting this country, you will be in the midst of a rich tradition and traditional culture. Many families enjoy day trips to Yangon, the southern part of the country and enjoy hiking, horse riding, swimming and exploring the beautiful countryside. For those travelling on a budget, you can find cheap accommodation in Yangon and many cheap places to eat and stay.