European holiday destinations

Popular European Holiday Destinations

European holiday destinations come in many forms and each offers something unique. Some of the top European holiday destinations for couples are naturally romantic. They have charming beaches, beautiful tourist attractions, elegant historic places, and chic bars and restaurants to enjoy. These places offer everything a couple could want on their European holiday.

France is one of the best places to visit in March in the world. Paris is home to some of the most gorgeous buildings and architecture in Europe. It’s also home to the famous Arc de Triomphe – a structure which was meant to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World but which now gracefully flows past the City Palace. This experience will give you a sense of how architecture can transcend time and place.

Another place that might interest you when it comes to Architectural wonders is Paris. While in Paris, you’ll definitely want to check out the Seine – one of the most elegant and beautiful rivers in the world. The best time to take this river is in the evening as the lights of the city shine down upon you. On a bright spring day, the water sparkles and bubbles as it flows over bridges and into the Seine. You will absolutely love it.

The Italian island of Sicily is another great place to visit. You’ll find it on the Mediterranean coast and is well connected to other parts of Europe by sea. You can reach Venice within two hours by car or train. There are also numerous Island resorts in Sicily. Each has its own charm which draws people in and makes them want to visit. Some of these are the coastal towns such as Catania, Sicily’s capital; Ragusa the largest city on the island, Palermo the port city on the west side of Sicily, Orio al Serio the old city, Messina a tourist destination unique in itself and Catania’s famous gondola.

If you are looking for a European holiday with a twist, then the French islands are ideal. In fact there are many things to do and see on each of these fine islands. If you love French wine and food then you will be in heaven here. And if you love cycling and walking, then you can forget about your daily commuting and spend some wonderful days exploring the landscape and taking in the local culture.

Of course, one of the best European holiday destinations is Spain. It is one of those countries which everyone wants to go to, but only few get the chance to. When you visit Spain you will stand in awe of the beauty of the country’s towns, villages, beaches and other beautiful sites. You can have a great time in Spain staying in one of its excellent holiday villas, which are becoming more popular day by day. One of Spain’s most popular island resorts, Las Palmas de Granada is another great place to spend a few days with your family, as it has plenty to offer.