Interesting places to visit

Interesting Places to Visit in New Zealand

There are really some amazing places to visit around the globe, but if you’re a new travel photographer, then you might be asking yourself where you should go to see the most exciting places to take photographs. If you’ve been snapping away for a while, then you’ll probably already have a pretty clear image of the places that appeal to you the most. And when it comes to photography, there’s no better teacher than experience! So, how about we start with the seven wonders of the world? (You’ll have to see them to believe them!)

While you’re in New Zealand, why not try one of the many stunning natural beauty photography locations in the country? The first one that springs to mind is Milford Sound. This region of New Zealand’s South Island is known for its “lucky boom” – which means that its inhabitants have been able to escape the global downturn and still live in a beautiful homely town. If you’re into photography, then you’ll definitely want to check out this region and pay a visit to the stunningly beautiful Whakarewarewa River that flows through it.

Moving on, you could easily spend several days on your way to Milford Sound, so if you’re in New Zealand, why not plan a week’s worth of travel for the best time to see this part of the New Zealand sky? Or do you want to see it from the land? If that’s the case, then you’ll definitely be in for a real treat: the eastern banks of the Otago peninsula offer a great chance to view some of the best whale watching you can imagine.

And speaking of photography, isn’t it about time you tried to take some stunning photographs of some of the most stunning landscapes you’ll ever see? If you want to get up close and personal with some birds and underwater creatures, the South Island’s Kaikoura and Hanmer Island offer an excellent chance. For those with more interest in photography, the West Coast is also a great place to go wild, with plenty of opportunity to take photos and never leave your car. If you want to discover New Zealand at its very best, these are definitely the places to go to.

As if experiencing the natural beauty and the unique wildlife weren’t enough, New Zealanders has got the opportunity to travel back in time with more of the most beautiful places in the world to travel to. The South Island of New Zealand is actually quite the opposite of the North Island, with the main islands being much further south (they also lie further away from the Pacific Ocean). This means that those who’d rather spend their vacation enjoying the sun will love the scenery here, with white-tipped mountains and brown volcanic sand bordering the pristine green scenery. If you’re looking for even more of a serene setting, you can try to travel to the top of Mount Cook – it’s only 35 kilometres away, so it’s easily accessible, and has stunning views across the wide dividing mountain ranges. If you’d like to get a real sense of New Zealand’s history, there’s a good chance you’ll come across some historical buildings in Christchurch, which were built around 200 years ago and remain standing today.

In fact, some of the most popular places in New Zealand to travel to include Lake Taupo, which is known for its temperate climate and picturesque shoreline; Moturakau and Mahon, which are known for their amazing scenery and white sandy beaches; Queenstown, which is known for its adventurous water activities; and Hawke’s Bay, which offer a whole host of adventure activities including sailing, bungy jumps and whale watching. In fact, if you’re looking for the most interesting places in the world to travel to, you can’t go wrong with New Zealand. Check out our other top travel reference sites for more information on your next adventure!