Interesting places to visit

Exploring Some Interesting Places to Visit on Your Perfect Spring Break Holiday

When you are reading an interesting places to visit around the world, you are usually looking for something a little different. For example, you may be interested in seeing the Amazon Rainforest. Or perhaps you are looking for information about the seven wonders of the world. Where do you go? What can you see?

The seven wonders of the world may be on your list but please share with me some other interesting places to visit. These places all have one thing in common. They are all home to some of the most amazing wildlife that I have ever seen. There are some really amazing things to see in the rainforest. It is one of nature’s greatest marvels.

One of the most interesting places to see is the Amazon Rainforest. You can go on a walking trip in the rainforest or on a boat ride through it. What you will find there are some of the most astounding forests, waterfall formations, exotic plants, and animal life you will ever see. You can take a river rafting trip or a boat cruise through it.

If you want to see the largest river in South America, that is the Amazon, you must include a trip on a rubber boat, a kayak, or a sloop boat. On your way you will see the giant lily, pink river dolphins, and several bird species. You will also come across hippo, caiman, and capibaras.

Just north of the Amazon is the Bolivar Peninsula in Venezuela. A boat cruise through the Panama Canal will allow you to see another astounding rainforest. In this area you will see pink river dolphins, a rare species of bird, and even an eagle. Also, no boat trip would be complete without seeing the guano fish. It is a nutrient rich, sewage free water fish that is the only live dolphin in the area.

A little south of Quito, Ecuador is Santa Cruz Island. The island was originally made for birds but now it is a favorite spot for windsurfers, scuba divers, and boaters. On any of your visits to Santa Cruz Island you will definitely feel like you are on vacation. There are plenty of things to do in and around town. The lush tropical rainforest grows throughout the year, providing many different types of scenery.

One of the most interesting places to visit on your perfect spring break destination is Miami, Florida. This city offers a unique experience for anyone interested in history, art, music, or culture. Many local festivals take place each year with famous names such as Mardi Gras, Spring Festival, Miami Art Museum, Disney, and Miami Sports Festival. A day trip to Miami Beach would be the perfect way to spend the day and experience all that Miami has to offer.

No matter where you decide to visit, whatever your interest, it is sure to be a wonderful, educational, and experience filled spring break destination. Your choice of which beaches you want to hit depends largely on what exactly you hope to do while visiting. Some beaches will allow you to participate in water sports, while others are ideal for relaxing and taking in the beautiful scenery. Most beaches offer rentals at certain times of the year so that you can fully enjoy them no matter when you choose to visit.

One of the places to go while on your perfect spring break vacation is Oahu, Hawaii. Situated between the islands of the Big and Little Islands, Oahu is home to the world’s second largest island and one of the most gorgeous beaches anywhere. While here, be sure to take the time to visit the many popular Waikiki Beach and the Hilina Slump, two of the most scenic beaches in the world.

One of the best ways to spend your days on any of the Hawaiian Islands is to charter a sailboat. Chartering a sailboat can give you the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful areas on each island, including volcanoes, underwater caves, and historical remains from earlier civilizations. If you have never been on a sailboat, it is hard to imagine how beautiful and relaxing it would be. Most of the islands offer sailing lessons, so you can learn to enjoy the sport of sailing and have the time of your life while visiting the sites on each island.

Another family spring break idea that works well off the coast of Oahu is to take a day trip to the famous Pearl Harbor. You can learn about the history of this location and spend time on the ship. While there, you might also want to try your luck at playing some snorkeling or surfing (the waves in Hawaii are quite strong), visit one of the family favorite restaurants, or do some sightseeing around the area. If you take a day trip out of the area, make sure that you bring your camera with you as this is one of the most photographed locations in the entire world. As an added bonus, you will find some great snorkeling spots on this tour. On a snorkeling day trip, you will probably want to try your hand at some of the great coral that can be found off the shores of Oahu.