European holiday destinations

Europe’s Best Beach Holiday Destinations in Spain

Europe is a vast place where you have diverse European holiday destinations to choose from. Some of the most famous European holiday destinations are historical wonders such as those of Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, or London. These are very rich cities with amazing historical importance and while traveling in them you will surely enjoy this. However, once you get bored with these tourist destinations there are other exciting European holiday spots waiting for you.

Spain is one of the most preferred European holiday destinations in the world because of its rich culture, lovely beaches, warm climate, beautiful landscape and many other interesting facts. If you visit Spain, you must see the city of Barcelona, which is home to famous football clubs Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. While here you should not miss out on seeing the Gothic quarter or simply the Sagrada Familia. It is worth visiting this place at least once during your Spain trip. Other excellent holiday destinations in Spain include Andalucia and Costa del Sol.

Italy is also another popular European country with its beautiful beaches and incredible architecture. Its culture is known worldwide due to its romantic and historic museums, churches and ruins. You will definitely enjoy yourself in Italy and spend quality time with your loved ones. Some of the best beaches to visit in Italy include Salzburg, Locarno, Tuscany and Abruzzo.

If you are interested in finding the best beaches in Spain, Andorra and Galicia will be the first choice on your list. These two regions are very famous for their extraordinary beauty. While you are in these places you should not miss out on exploring the local traditions and food. The wine region of Cantabria and the medieval region of Provence are also very popular places for best sandy beaches in Spain.

In the northern part of Spain the locations like Ibiza, Justicia, Palma and Mallorca will be your best beaches for surfing and sailing. Ibiza is considered as the “party island” of the Mediterranean Sea and is popular for its party atmosphere. In fact, Ibiza is considered as one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe with a huge number of tourists every year. In addition to Ibiza, the other best beaches for surfing in Spain include Colon, La Cala and Benidorm.

Finally, if you want to enjoy your holiday in comfort then you should visit Praia da Rocha. This region is well known for its hills and mountains and is one of the best beach destinations in Spain. There are different types of accommodation available in Praia da Rocha including camping sites, self-catering apartments and hotels. Some of the best beaches in Spain that can make your holiday in Praia da Rocha memorable are Cala Galdana, Canyelles, Los Limoneros and Torremolinos.

Lanzarote is another wonderful holiday destination in Spain and is a top beach holiday destination for almost all types of travelers. One of the major attractions for travelers to Lanzarote is its fabulous weather. The weather in this beautiful island paradise is mild, which means that travelers can spend hours walking the beaches and relaxing in the sun. In addition to the weather, another reason why travelers love to spend time in Lanzarote is because of the beautiful beaches which attract many families each year.

The coast of Marina bay offers tourists many things to do. For tourists interested in water sports, fishing is the sport of choice. For lovers of Ayurveda, it is best to visit Spain’s second largest city Barcelona. It is here that tourists will find one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain – the pier of marfa. Another romantic destination near the port of Marfa is Playa de las Teresitas, where visitors can enjoy a peaceful stroll along the shore. The Playa del Ingles (The White Beach) is also a wonderful place for couples seeking a relaxing day on the beach while Spanish beach lovers gather for an afternoon of swimming, windsurfing and snorkeling.