There are many European holiday destinations which are extremely popular among visitors. Some of these European holiday destinations have been unchanged as they were once Roman and ancient times. These places also have some of the most amazing history and architecture in Europe. And some of these remain untouched today because of this reason. There are plenty of beautiful and picturesque European holiday destinations which will surely enthrall you during your holiday tour to Europe.

Some of the best European holiday destinations include Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, or London. These are capital cities of Europe and you will definitely feel their influence even while travelling in these cities. You can witness this while travelling in these cities either on a train or on a boat. In addition to all these amazing views, there are plenty of other amazing tourist attractions and experiences in these European cities. Also on these cities you will get to experience some amazing scenic views as well as some amazing shopping possibilities.

And some of the best European holiday destinations in Europe are Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, and Turkey. All these countries have a different history and a very different landscape. And if you love sailing, then you should visit Spain where there are lots of islands for you to sail to. The country is known for its spectacular coastline, which is why there are lots of sailing beaches in the country.

And for the people who love eating, Spain is the perfect destination for them too. Eating in Spain can be done in so many different ways and that is why so many people love going to this country. You can go out for Spanish tapas and enjoy many different kinds of food. You can try out the traditional food of Spain like the paella and the salted cod or if you are not so big fan of seafood you can simply go for the fish or chicken tapas.

And there are also some popular European holiday destinations that you should visit like France, Italy, and Austria. These are some of the beautiful European countries in the world. Each of these countries has some popular European holidays that you should definitely experience. Some of these beautiful places include:

Some of the most popular European holiday destinations include the Mediterranean, especially the French Riviera, the Italian lakes, and the Greek islands. For those people who love to travel, they should visit the famous cities of the Mediterranean. Paris is the capital of France and it is also the place where you will find the best collection of art galleries and museums in the world. Other popular European destinations include Florence and Bologna, Rome, Portoferraio and Florence Nelie.

Some other great European beach destinations include Italy and the city of Rome. Tourists from across the globe come to Italy to experience its culture and history. Rome is known as one of the most romantic and historic cities in the world. It is also home to many famous landmarks and museums. Some of the best tourist attractions in Italy include the Duomo of Rome, Piazza di Spagna, Santa Maria Novella, Renaissance paintings, Tivoli Gardens, Trevi Fountain, and St. Peter’s Basilica.

For those people who love water, they should definitely check out the lovely greece islands. These islands are known for their exotic locations, beaches, and culture. Some of the popular Greece holiday destinations include Ionian islands such as Epirus and mainland Greece such as Corfu, Mykonos and Skopelos. Some of the more popular Greek beaches that are frequented by tourists are Patmos, Famagusta, Kusadasi, Molyvos, and Oia. Greece is also a top destination country for those looking for alternative ways to travel around Europe. Tourists can take a gondola ride on the “coastal cruise” between Venice and Athens, or hop on a rickshaw to go around the island of Crete.