When looking for a relaxing break, what are the top three Asian holiday destinations? If you’re looking for a wonderful getaway, then you may want to think about spending your vacation in one of these exotic and beautiful places. In addition, spending a holiday in Asia can offer you some of the best relaxation experiences that you have ever had. In fact, Asia has some of the most spectacular places to visit. So, if you’ve never been to Asia or if you’re planning a trip to Asia, then these are some of the places to avoid if you’re on your vacation.

Asian holiday destinations

First, let’s take a look at Europe and its Asian counterpart, namely, Thailand. Europe and Thailand often go hand in hand when it comes to offering tourists some of the best vacations. In fact, these two places share much in common, such as their beautiful beaches, rich history and culture and many of the other things that travelers look for when they travel. In general, these three European nations should be an excellent choice for your first vacation. Thailand, the biggest island in Southeast Asia, also has some of the best beaches around, which is why many people choose to spend their vacations in this country.

Next on our list of Asian holiday destinations is Koh Samui, a popular tourist destination in Thailand that has been increasing in popularity for good reason. The island boasts some of the best scuba diving in the world, so there’s always something to see in this beautiful scenic beauty. There are many Koh Samui hotels that offer luxurious packages that include scuba diving, snorkeling and other fun activities such as horseback riding, golf and so much more. In fact, for a little extra money, there’s even a chance to take a private scuba diving adventure!

Next on our list of places to stay in Asia is Singapore, a small country situated in Southeast Asia. It’s a safe bet that you’ve never heard of this country, but the next time you do, don’t be surprised if you find yourself being taken back to Singapore by one of your family members. The country is extremely popular among tourists from all over the world, due to its beautiful scenic beauty and the laid-back, friendly nature. Singapore is among the most expensive places to stay in Asia, but its cheap holiday destinations really make it a steal.

The third stop on our list of cheap Asian holiday destinations is Bali, Indonesia. Known for its stunning beaches, natural wonders and friendly people, Bali can definitely make any travel experience a pleasant one. One of the cheapest places to stay in Asia, Bali is also amongst the friendliest places to be found. It’s famous for its hot sun and the beautiful, green trees that cover the island. You’ll also find this island’s nightlife very exciting, with many bars and restaurants available to spend the night.

The fourth and final stop on our list of places to stay in Asia is Hong Kong. Considered by many to be the island capital of Asia, Hong Kong offers visitors the chance to experience a unique shopping experience and to soak up some local culture. While in Hong Kong, you can visit the Night Safari or visit one of its museums. If you don’t like shopping, then there are still plenty of other great Asian holiday destinations to choose from, such as Tokyo, Manila, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Manila.

Our fourth and final destination is Taiwan. Although it’s very difficult to avoid the high costs of traveling to this part of Asia, there are still ways to save money and to find budget friendly hotels and resorts. The first thing to do is to avoid the ferries that ferry tourists from mainland China to Taiwan. Instead, consider taking one of the more comfortable flights to Taipei and then exploring the island. Taiwan has a rich variety of destinations and you should easily be able to find something interesting to do or see. In fact, there’s even a special tourist zone located in the island called the East Lake District – where you can explore floating villages and narrow winding roads, surrounded by water and populated by elegant and interesting architecture.

And so, as you can see, there’s no reason why you can’t find great Asian holidays all over the world. Of course, if you have children, it may be wise to avoid places with large groups of children. You want your family holiday to be relaxing, but you also don’t want them to be bored. So, make sure to search for great Asian cheap holiday destinations before you leave.