Asian holiday destinations are some of the most beautiful places in the world. Asia is the largest continent, located mostly in the Northern and Western Hemispheres, and found primarily in the North and South poles. And then of course there s Krabi, a delightful town of great natural attractiveness, which offers a whole range of hiking paths, and boasts a beautiful natural hot springs resort. There are other places to visit in Asia also. Thailand has a fabulous island chain off its coast; Indonesia is a fabulous island and country, with the incredible island paradise of Borneo and the beautiful islands of Sumatra and Java.

Asian holiday destinations

In Asia there are many popular places to visit and wonderful places to stay. In Thailand you can head up north of Bangkok to the famous Patong Beach, or down south to Phuket, the most vibrant city in Phuket. Indonesia has places like Aceh, where you can party all night, or head down south for the beaches and shopping. Korea and Japan have the fascinating Korea-Igolia island, which is famous for its huge rice paddies. And Malaysia has places like Langkawi Island, one of the biggest and most stunning islands in all of Asia.

Other popular Asian holiday destinations include India, with places like Kerala and Assam being on the doorstep. In India you have the amazing east coast beaches of Goa, which have white sand and turquoise blue water, as well as places like Rajasthan and Gujarat, where you can experience the hospitality of the indomitable people. India is also famous for its stunning deserts, such as the Thar Desert in Rajasthan and the Karakoram desert in Kashmir. Other places include Nepal, with its mountains and tea gardens; Thailand, with its temples and vibrant markets; Malaysia, with its exotic wildlife parks and forests; and Australia, with its amazing beaches and coral reefs.

Asia has a lot to offer for adventure enthusiasts too. In the Far East, you can explore the Himalayas, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. For those who love to explore the seas, Asia has some amazing beaches too, including those of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Some of the most popular beaches in Asia include those of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. There are also places like the Philippines and Sri Lanka, that have made their mark on adventure tourism, such as the island of Borneo and the Great Wall in China.

The list of Asian holiday destinations in this part of the world is not short. And it only continues to grow longer. There are plenty more Asian destination options that you can visit. The places listed above have some great attributes to offer, all depending on your interests. Whether you want to visit India for its rich cultural heritage or go to the exotic destinations of Sri Lanka, Malaysia or Japan, you will surely have a great vacation experience no matter where you choose to go.

Asian holiday destinations offer something for everyone. So whatever kind of traveller you are, there will be something for you here. Asian holiday destinations give tourists a chance to see the many fascinating attractions of Asia and to enjoy the best cheap holiday destinations in Asia too. So plan your next holiday and visit some of these fantastic places to enjoy the most exotic experience of your life.