We’re talking about Asian holiday destinations here so we can start off with Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Australia and Vietnam. Those are all some great countries but which are the best to spend your holiday time in? Well that’s totally down to individual choice, but here are a few ways I think they all stack up: Indonesia and Thailand. Where else in Asia can you experience the incredible sun, sparkling beaches, perfect mix of beach & sea and some pretty damn beautiful white sand beaches for days on end? No country in Asia comes close.

The other two Asian holiday destinations to mention are surprisingly not as popular but equally beautiful. Indonesia and Thailand both have a steady influx of tourists despite terrorist attacks and financial problems in respective countries. Both are safe holiday destinations for Australian travellers who want to explore some of Australia’s natural wonders. It is relatively cheaper to fly into Indonesia as compared to Thailand and if you don’t mind flying through some of Asia’s more chaotic airports then going directly to Vietnam is a lot less stressful.

Koh Samui has also recently become very popular with a number of budget-friendly travel destinations in Asia as it has some beautiful beaches and resorts that aren’t too far from Bangkok. Koh Samui is a great place to visit for those looking for a place to stay with some great food and nightlife. It also has some beautiful beaches and resorts that are inexpensive compared to others in Thailand. Bali is another famous budget friendly destination in Asia with some stunning scenery to take advantage of as you travel from the north of Bali to the south. Bali is mostly famous for its beautiful beaches and resort lifestyle but there is so much more to Bali than this. You can find some great cheap flights to Bali if you know where to look.

Indonesia has many budget friendly holiday destinations for you to visit and stay including Java, Sumatra, Bali and even deeper in the east you will find Java. Indonesia is such a wonderful place to explore and has so much to offer. It is situated on the northwest tip of Asia and the most popular part of it is Java with the famous Java Island being one of the most visited places in the country. This island is the home to some incredible wildlife as well as some amazing resorts and beautiful white sandy beaches. The beaches here are quite long and you will be able to spend hours just lying on the beach and enjoy the sun.

Sri Lanka has some lovely beaches and lovely resorts to visit but the island itself is much more than just a pretty face. Its tropical climate means that there are plenty of activities for you and your family including scuba diving, water skiing and windsurfing. Its beaches are also ideal for families with the surf on a gentle slope, which makes it especially good for families with children. The mountains here have earned Sri Lanka a reputation as being one of the most beautiful places in the world with breathtaking scenery including waterfalls, large glaciers and lush tropical gardens. Wildlife abounds in Sri Lanka and there is more than just a big tiger or leopard on this earth. There are other animals including crocodiles, monkeys and even dogs and cats to be seen.

For all of its beauty and natural treasures there are some cheap holiday destinations in Asia to choose from and what better place to look for them than Indonesia. Indonesia is a country full of wonder and is loved by families on all levels for its friendly people and beautiful scenery. You can choose from many different resorts and travel destinations, so you won’t have too much of a problem finding somewhere nice to stay in Indonesia. The island of Bali is famous around the world for its beaches and resorts and you will find many cheap family holiday destinations here as well. There are the vibrant nightlife, shopping opportunities and wonderful diving to be enjoyed here so if you like a bit of action but still want to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world then this is the destination for you.