When it comes to enjoying a truly unique Asian holiday, few places can compare to Phuket, Thailand. Like Bangkok, Phuket is absolutely packed with modern, clean, beautiful hotels and resorts that will provide the ultimate relaxation and pampering experience. But while staying in one of Thailand’s top hotels, the true Asian dream can come alive in one of its many spectacular beach resorts. Here are four places in Phuket that offer the ultimate in beach holiday experiences:

Asian holiday destinations

Karon Island is perhaps Phuket’s most famous natural attraction, and is where you’ll find most of the main all-inclusive holiday packages. It’s set deep in the sea, surrounded by turquoise waters, and is surrounded by peninsular tropical reefs and rich marine life. The pristine tropical environment of Karon Island makes it a great place for snorkelers to get a taste of the beautiful underwater life, and connoisseurs of the gorgeous coral reefs can take a tour of the island via a boat tour. Other stunning beaches in Phuket include Choeng Mon, Patong Beach, and Koh Munnar, each with their own distinctive feel and charming attractions.

Hong Kong, one of Asia’s most popular destinations for holiday-makers, is also home to some of its best all-inclusive holiday deals. It’s an island in central China, surrounded by the islands of Lamma, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Sai Kung. Like most of the sandy beaches around Asia, Hong Kong is a top destination for sun-seekers, with clear, warm, and crystal-clear water. But while there are lots of great sun-watching spots on the island, there are also more relaxing things to do, such as enjoying a walk on the beach, or exploring Hong Kong’s museums and galleries. There are also many shopping opportunities, with a range of new and second-hand products available at many of the local markets throughout the day.

Indonesia is another hot holiday destination in Asia, where the tropical weather and wonderful beaches lie just a short flight away from the main cities. There are a number of popular cities to visit in Indonesia, including Jakarta and Surabaya, which have large tourist populations. Some of the most popular beaches in Indonesia are Canggu, South Denpasar, East Java, and North Java. All inclusive holiday packages in Indonesia include tours to the major cities, so visitors don’t need to worry about accommodation during their trip. They can fully appreciate their holiday in luxury, surrounded by the beauty and warmth of the Indonesian countryside.

Bali is another highly sought after Asian holiday destinations in South-East Asia, offering spectacular scenery and the chance to see the incredible mountain scenery that makes Bali a unique Asian holiday destination. Bali is famous for its beaches, but there is much more to see and do here, including a visit to the Buddhas at Gedo Ghar, or trying out one of the delicious Balinese dishes. The most popular temples in Bali are located on the island itself, so visitors can see them all up close and enjoy the culture of this region before going home.

Vietnam offers a variety of Asian holiday destinations, including beautiful beaches, magnificent cities and markets, great food and shopping, and a rich culture and history. There is a great deal to do here, from trekking across the magnificent mountains to hanging out with the locals in Phnom Phen city. Food is a specialty here, and there are exciting restaurants to explore. Vietnamese cuisine mixes traditional food with ingredients brought from China, Korea and other Asian countries. There are many fascinating stories about food from Vietnam, making it a fascinating trip for those interested in learning more about this fascinating region.