Asian holiday destinations

Asian Holiday Destinations – How to Find Cheap Accommodation Per Night Around the World’s Best Asian Holiday Destinations

Travelling to Asia can be an incredibly exciting way to take part in travel. Each country in Asia has something different to offer and you will find that what ever country you visit, you will find something different. You can choose from cheap holidays in Phuket, cheap holidays in Thailand or cheap holidays in Indonesia. You can find cheap flights to all of these amazing destinations. However, what is really nice about Asia is that there are cheap flights to every single country in Asia. In this article I will highlight some of the places that you should check out when planning your Asian holiday.

Thailand has quickly become one of the best Asian holiday destinations. Thailand offers some of the best beaches in the world. There are fantastic markets to buy souvenirs at and you can even get to explore the fascinating culture and history of this country. Thailand is home to some of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches. Phuket and Koh Samui are two of Thailand’s most visited islands. You can check out some amazing Phuket hotels and there are many cheap flights available to get to Bangkok as well as the other two famous islands.

Vietnam is Asia’s largest and most vibrant country. The beaches are stunning and there are so many different things to do in terms of sightseeing and activities. It is a really good idea to rent a bike and experience Vietnam for yourself. There are some gorgeous beaches in Vietnam and if you’re looking for some budget Vietnam accommodation then it is possible to stay in any of the beautiful tourist areas around Hanoi or Hoi An.

Indonesia is Asia’s most visited island. If you want to see the incredible underwater life and natural beauty then Indonesia has got to be on your list of Asian holiday destinations. Indonesia has got some amazing beaches and there are lots of cheap flights available to fly into the island and spend some time in the island. There are also some wonderful historical ruins to be seen in the area.

Thailand has got something for everyone. There are some amazing beaches, fantastic eating and shopping opportunities and also some excellent places to go scuba diving in the lovely islands of Thailand. Koh Samui, a favorite Asian holiday destinations, is another popular Asian family holidays destination with a number of stunning islands to choose from. Koh Samui is known for its tropical weather and wonderful beaches.

Philippines has some fabulous beaches. The country is full of action and has many things to offer lovers of the beach. It is also another popular Asian holiday destinations and millions travel here every year. It also has some great attractions such as the huge Galapagos Islands where you can spend some time in solitude looking at the nature and getting some tan. There are many things to do in the island and if you like the culture and shopping there are plenty of cheap holiday home accommodation options available in and around the island.

The Philippines has some magnificent beaches and there are some great Asian holiday destinations in the country to choose from. The beautiful country is well known for its warm climate, white sandy beaches and pristine backwaters. There are lots of budget friendly holiday homes available in and around the major cities in the country. You will find cheap accommodation per night in these holiday resorts, and you can even stay in these cheap holiday homes during your visit to the country. There are some fabulous Asian tourist destinations in the Philippines such as Puerto Galera which is a seaside town and is famous for its white sandy beaches.

India is another great choice as one of the best Asian holiday destinations in the world. There are some incredible places to see in this country and you will be able to experience some traditional Indian fare as well as modern shopping. There are some great temples to visit in Varanasi and you can also experience the amazing charm of the town by taking a dip in the sacred river Ganges. Varanasi is a holy place for Hindus and you will not find anything to compare with the splendour of Varanasi.