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Amazing Asian Holiday Destinations in Vietnam

Australia is one of Asia’s more favoured holiday destinations for families away from home. The weather is wonderful, the beaches and surf life are second to none, and it’s a country with which most tourists probably feel more at ease. But is Australia really any better than Thailand or Vietnam for family holidays?

With Thailand’s recent popularity, Australia’s not far behind. There is a real feeling that visitors to these countries have always wanted: the chance to visit a tropical paradise on earth. With the Australian dollar constantly losing value, Australian families must begin getting ever more inventive when it comes to affordable, nice family holiday destinations. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of travel guides telling us exactly what we want to hear: “Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia…” and so on. This is why an online poll conducted recently by a travel website turned up surprisingly positive results for Asian holiday destinations in Asia. So how did this little online survey come to be?

The travel website asked its readers to answer a simple question: What’s your favourite Asian holiday destination? They then invited readers to sign up to their free email newsletter so they could receive regular emails regarding the best Asian holiday destinations in the region. And the result was interesting: the overwhelming majority of readers (nearly 80%) chose Thailand and Malaysia as their favourite Asian holiday destination. Interestingly, however, they didn’t choose India or Sri Lanka – two other countries that would probably come highly recommended by other readers. Could this gap be explained by the fact that Travellers who’d chosen another Asian country as their holiday destination were less likely to have taken the time to fill in the poll form?

The mystery was solved when I noticed that the same people had also created a separate Facebook page for people who were planning trips to Asia. Travellers to Asia could now leave comments and suggestions on a wide range of different Asian holiday destinations, including places like Thailand and Vietnam. Not only that – but Travellers can actually book accommodation and flights to any of the countries mentioned, making it a much more detailed and comprehensive view of the Asian continent than a mere travel brochure. And surprisingly, most of those commenting on the page were from those who’d visited Asia and who were now back visiting again.

As a result, I’ve decided to create a similar page, with the same objective in mind. Now, instead of just listing places to go and things to do in Asia, this page will offer advice and recommendations on booking the cheapest flights, finding beautiful beaches and other attractions, as well as photos and information about local culture and lifestyle. It’s not all about Asian holiday destinations – I also encourage readers from the UK to comment and share their experiences, especially if you’ve already visited one country and would like to share your thoughts and recommendations with others. The responses are likely to be quite useful!

So I hope that the information above has inspired you to become more adventurous in your search for the most beautiful and exciting Asian holiday destinations in the world. There are so many wonderful, exotic locations to visit, whether you’re an adventure seeker, nature lover or a family holidaymaker, and you can discover them right here on the Internet. All you have to do is register for travel alerts on websites dedicated to Asian travel destinations and you’ll be guided to the best Asian holiday spots, including some that I’ve personally discovered while backpacking in Vietnam.